Agriculture Inspection

Monarch™ NIR Portable Camera has advanced Agritech applications, designed for growers, agronomists and supply-chain partners. Bringing the lab to the field, enables plant health monitoring, nutrients monitoring, pest detection, pesticide residues detection and many more high-end diagnostic functions.

The Monarch camera is suitable for both hand-held inspection and installations in greenhouses, vertical growing facilities, robotics and machine vision platforms. By using spectral IR imaging, Monarch provides a new layer of information. The NIR light reflections of plants, chemicals and minerals contain information that is invisible to the human eye. Monarch small and light camera captures detailed frames in 700nm-950nm NIR spectral range that unveil actionable information. As a multi-spectral NIR camera, Monarch can measure large samples and unlike point devices, enables context understanding.
Monarch opens a new array of applications, possibilities and opportunities for agriculture individuals and cooperatives. For example, it enables easy and inexpensive advanced field tests, allowing on-spot decision-making, offers quality grading for supply-chain partners with quantified values that are acceptable to all parties. Its affordable cost and simplicity remove the entry barrier to wide adoption in agriculture sensing and diagnostic solutions, installed in greenhouses, vertical facilities, robots and traditional machinery.

Handheld applications

Whether in the field, greenhouse or lab, Agri-Monarch is ready for use through a USB-C connection to any Android device. The camera’s controls, settings and output display are provided through an Android application. It is always available and can provide immediate diagnostics of plants and produce, merchandise, humans, medical processes etc.

Embedded / fixed applications

The camera can be embedded in any research, manufacturing, sorting, logistics or commercial line and connect to any real-time analysis, inspection and control system through a USB-C PC connection. The camera controls, settings and output display are provided through a Windows application.

Monarch helps to improve yield, prevent plant disease propagation, automate processing and many new applications such as:

  • Field applications Monarch handheld [connected to smartphone] or installed in a larger monitoring system, is always available and can provide immediate diagnostics of soil, individual plant stress or the sanity of an entire field. You can test water content, NPK, magnesium, iron, calcium, sugar, PH, starch, acid, protein, amylose and amylopectin for health, maturity and other values in various produce such as tomatoes, apples, bananas, grains and more.
  • Processing line applications Real-time NIR capture and processing is used for measuring, detecting, analyzing, quality control, sorting, in any harvesting, processing, or packing systems. Monarch can indicate firmness, rottenness and other defects, and pesticide presence.
  • Livestock and fish analysis Diagnose health indicators, stress, protein, fat and other animal husbandry indicators.