Agriculture Inspection

Integration of NIR Unispectral technology into the crop inspection methods contributes to higher and better yield. Until today the integration of such system was very complex and expensive. Unispectral ColorIR turns IR inspection affordable and easy to implement.

Unispectral NIR Filter or Camera can be integrated in any crop analysis system to provide effective, automatic, cost effective, real-time diagnostics.

Several use cases are:

  • Crops stress detection
  • Pest/disease infestation detection
  • Post-harvest automatic processing

Crops image holds more information than what is visible to human eye. In fact, critical information about the cope wellness is sometimes visible only in the NIR spectrum. Image analysis of entire field or individual plant is becoming the indispensable inspection methodology for modern agriculture.

Whether airborne, handheld, in greenhouse of on a post-harvest processing line, IR unispectral inspection is reliable, robust, accurate and fast. Processed through hyperspectral AI platform, the system accelerates AI model training and extends the capacity of any existing inspection environment.

Unispectral provides open developer API and a seamless integration process with existing AI infrastructure to manufacturers, integrators and developers of Agri-tech diagnostics systems.