Unispectral provides a miniature, low cost tunable NIR filter that revolutionizes the IR inspection market. Coupled with CMOS based compact camera, it is transformed into a powerful spectral IR camera.

The solution adds a biometric layer to authentication camera systems, improves facial authentication, enables camera based material detection and spectrum based image segmentation and object classification, identifies bank notes and documentation, captures unseen to standard cameras defects in products, coated, electronic and optical parts, detects vital signs for remote medical, diagnoses plants stress in the field, Integrates all DMS into one solution and many other inspection use cases.

With unprecedented cost reduction over other spectral cameras, Unispectral is removing the barrier for new mass market adoption of low cost, miniature spectral IR camera.

Unispectral products are based on the Fabry–Pérot proven technology, whereby tuning an optical cavity enables selection of any wavelength within 700nm-950nm NIR wavelengths range.


ColorIR™ NIR Tunable Mini Camera

Multipurpose, miniature, affordable

ColorIR™ NIR Tunable Filter

Accurate NIR Unispecrtral Filter

Unispectral Color-IR Feature Highlight

  • Low cost, miniature, fast and tunable NIR spectral sensing
  • Seamless Day & Night, indoor & outdoor operation
  • Robust design, suitable for consumer & mobile standards
  • Easy integration to OEM products
  • Distance range: 10’s cm to meters


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Unispectral Multispectral camera - How to setup and use Unispectral EVK Visit our YouTube channel

Unispectral’s miniature tunable filter turns low cost IR cameras into 700-950nm spectral cameras. It is best suited for facial recognition, consumer portable devices, IOT, robotics and mass market cameras. ColorIR products enable advanced machine vision, material sensing and computational photography.

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