Monarch NIR Tunable Multi-Spectral Camera

Miniature, affordable, USB-C connection to Mobile device/PC

ColorIR™ NIR Tunable Filter

Accurate NIR Multi-Specrtral Filter

Unispectral Color-IR
Feature Highlight

  • Low cost, miniature, fast and tunable NIR multi-spectral imaging
  • Perfect for handheld or fixed installation
  • Robust design, suitable for consumer & industrial standards
  • Easy integration to OEM products


ColorIR™ Technology

Unispectral provides a revolutionary array of products and solutions for capturing actionable spectral NIR images.

With unprecedented cost and size reduction over other spectral cameras and spectrometers, the new miniature tunable NIR Monarch camera and ColorIR technology filter remove the barrier for new mass market adoption of spectral IR imaging.

Unispectral products are based on the Fabry–Pérot proven technology, whereby tuning an optical cavity enables selection of any wavelength within 700nm-950nm NIR wavelengths range.

The solution adds a biometric layer that can diagnose plant stress in the field, pre/post-harvest produce quality and content such as brix, NPK, firmness, rotten, defects, pest, pesticide. It can also capture defects in products, coatings, electronic and optical parts, detects vital signs for remote medical, improves facial authentication in security camera systems, and many other inspection and classification use cases.

News and events

Unispectral was proud to take part in the KLV booth at the Smart Sensing 2021 event in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition focused on digital innovation, and it feautured integrations of existing sensing technology and digital information, such as AI, Big…

Unispectral was proud to take part at the 23rd CIOE (China International Optoelectronic Exposition). It is the largest international trade fair of its kind for optoelectronics held in Shenzhen, China. Unispectral successfully demonstrated its products and applications. page 53-54