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Unispectral Launches The Neptune – Standalone Multi-Spectral Imaging System

introducing neptune

Unispectral’s standalone imaging system, the Neptune, is a versatile and user-friendly camera with advanced imaging features like real-time visualization of algorithms, built-in models, and tagging tools.

The Neptune is based on Unispectral’s hyperspectral NIR tunable filter, and it is the perfect imaging system for POC, suitable for a wide range of applications in fields like food quality, agriculture, biomedical, and recycling analysis.

This standalone imaging system brings multi-spectral analysis to the field. With its portable design, data processing application, internal battery and a built-in illumination, the Neptune can be used in both indoor and outdoor inspections.

  • Integrated broadband NIR illumination
  • Easy data collection: auto-exposure, integrated ROI indicator and under/over-saturation indicator
  • Realtime visualization of algorithms
  • Application development toolbox including tagging tool and built-in models
  • Touch screen operation
  • Internal battery

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