Unispectral provides developers and partners with close support throughout the entire evaluation, development, integration and production cycle.

Contact us for a full evaluation and development program.

Two evaluation kits are available for evaluation and application development purposes:

Monarch™ EVK

Monarch™ EVK is the new generation of the small and light multi-spectral NIR camera. It is used for application developers in both outdoor and indoor.

Monarch EVK is delivered complete with a portable protection case and optional fixation accessories to either smartphone, tripod or any other testing system. It has the same multi-spectral characteristics as the Monarch PCB camera and comes with a full DLL package plus basic GUI for immediate operation. Monarch EVK can be operated through a USB-C connection to a Smartphone or to a PC.

ColorIR™ EVK

ColorIR™ EVK is available for the full evaluation, design, development and integration stages of your product and applications. It is delivered as a standalone device with image capturing, processing and visualizing capabilities right from the box.