Monarch Pro - Mobile Multispectral Camera

Unispectral’s Monarch Pro - The most cost-effective spectral camera, using tunable hyperspectral NIR filter. Suitable for agriculture, food, medical, industrial and scientific use.

The Monarch Pro allows you to capture in-field/on-site spectral images easily and inexpensively. No need for expensive, bulky and sensitive equipment, that requires a trained operator. Monarch Pro sets new level of price-performance, with high resolution, small size and simple data collection.

Main features:

  • Hyperspectral filter
  • High Image quality – 1.3MP
  • Accessible price level 
  • Flexible design
  • Small size & low weigth
  • Simple data collection
  • In the package: Windows app, SDK/API, Add-ons

Handheld applications

Whether in field, on the road or in lab, Monarch Pro is ready for use. The camera includes anything required for smooth data collection – Windows app, SDK/API and accessories. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Embedded / fixed applications

Monarch Pro can be embedded in sorting robotics, machine vision platforms, manufacturing lines, QA systems and biometric authentication terminals. It can also connect to real-time analysis, inspection and control systems through a PC interface. The camera controls, settings and output display are provided through a Windows application.


By capturing multiple spectral images in near-IR bands, Monarch Pro extracts a layer of actionable information for immediate inspection, detection, and classification applications. Monarch Pro small and light camera captures and immediately produces multiple single-band [± 2.5nm] spectral-cube images within 680nm-940nm spectral range.

Original Monospectral images captured directly to PC
Original Monospectral images captured directly to PC

Analytics Software

Monarch Pro can be ordered with the “perClass™”* PC analytic application that will allow you to extract just any underlaying information from the images you just took. Whether it is sorting, diagnosing or detecting; your specific professional knowledge and experience is easily integrated and registered into the system algorithm, to highlight through false color display the subtle grayscale reflection differences of hyperspectral images. This feature transforms the Monarch Pro into a powerful, real-time decision-making system.

Analyzed multispectral cube
Spectral differences highlighted in false colors
Spectral differences highlighted in false colors
Analyzed multispectral cube
Analyzed multispectral cube

Unispectral provides full documentation including DLL and SDK for the development of industry dedicated analytics and automation software. Solutions can also be designed and developed by Unispectral and its partners upon request.

* Unispectral teamed up with perClass™ to enable real-time analysis to connect Monarch Pro to any windows-based platform. The application controls the camera and analyzes in real time the acquired spectral cubes to enable the automatic or manual decision process.

Monarch Pro is delivered with aluminum protection case and optional fixation accessories to either smartphone, tripod or any other testing system.

The Monarch comes with app sw enabling the user to simply Plug and Play – plug in the camera to a PC and start taking images in different bands using the control screen, no need to develop any sw. DLL package is also provided to enable the user to develop and brand its own app.

It is used for the capturing of filtered multi-spectral NIR images, while image processing and analyzing can be done on the connected device. The Smartphone/PC connected camera can be tested and operated either handheld or in a fixed environment.

With Monarch EVK you can develop and test the entire lifecycle of your product design, applications and market integration.