Monarch EVK

Monarch evaluation kit [EVK] provides a development, evaluation and integration environment for our OEM customers. It is delivered with a full firmware DLL, basic user interface and control software package for Android device and windows PC.

Monarch EVK is delivered complete with a portable protection case and optional fixation accessories to either smartphone, tripod or any other testing system.
The Monarch EVK comes with app sw enabling the user to simply Plug and Play – plug in the camera to a PC or Android device and start taking images in different bands using the control screen, no need to develop any sw. DLL package is also provided to enable the user to develop and brand its own app
Monarch EVK has the same multispectral features as the serial Monarch camera, with the addition of GUI for developers.

It is used for the capturing of filtered multi-spectral NIR images, while image processing and analyzing can be done on the connected device. The Smartphone/PC connected camera can be tested and operated either handheld or in a fixed environment.

Monarch EVK is offered to OEM customers and partners for performance evaluation, integration and applications development. Customers can create and customize user applications to address their specific market needs and requirements.

With Monarch EVK you can develop and test the entire lifecycle of your product design, applications and market integration.