ColorIR™ NIR Tunable Hyperspectral Filter

A tunable hyperspectral filter that enables a Unispectral® NIR image capturing using a standard IR micro camera.

ColorIR® NIR Tunable Fabry-Perot MEMS Filter enables a Unispectral NIR image capturing using a standard IR micro camera. Its wavelength transmission is selected by modifying mirror position (i.e. optical gap).
Unispectral’s MEMS hyperspectral filter is applied to any micro IR camera [consumer, professional, stationary or mobile] to convert it into a multi-spectral authentication, detection and inspection device.

Main features:

  • Very low cost – very small size
  • Resilient to extreme environmental conditions, temperature range, noise, mechanical shock, etc.
  • Hyperspectral technology
  • Can be integrated in dual aperture configuration
  • Flexible architecture
  • Low power electrostatic actuator


  • Multi exposure camera, each frame captured at different wavelength
  • Wavelengths selected by applying different voltages on MEMS

ColorIR™ NIR Tunable Hyperspectral Filter - Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
3.4 x 3.4 x 1.25 mm
Clear aperture
1.3 mm (/1.8mm)
Spectral range
Selection accuracy
+/- 3nm
40 ± 10
Ambient temp
Switching time


  • 11.56 mm2 footprint 
  • Wafer level packed, hermetic sealed 
  • 5 pads electronic interface – 4 actuators + ground 
  • 3 DOF control – Vertical + 2 tilt angles


Agriculture Inspection

  • Nutrient’s Analysis
  • Pest Control
  • Grading & Sorting
  • Stress analysis

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

  • Production lines classifications
  • Robotics, automatic inspection
  • Computer vision and sensing

Facial Analysis

Facial Analysis

  • DMS-Driver monitoring system
  • Domestic/Commercial access control
  • Payment Terminals
  • Device unlock


  • Contactless inspection
  • Remote healthcare
  • Cosmetics and skin analysis