A new vision for the future of the world

Unispectral is revolutionizing the way cameras see the world. We’re developing a computer vision platform based on a new type of a tunable optical IR filter.
Unispectral’s highly innovative system (camera, filter, control MEMS, imaging & machine learning algorithms) opens new sensing possibilities in the world of artificial intelligence. We are looking for wonderful and talented people to join our fascinating journey, so don’t miss the opportunity!

Junior electro-optics system engineer

Job description:

  •     Participate in development from design to validation
  •     Multidisciplinary development in optics, software and hardware integration

Job requirements:

  •     Good understanding of optics and electronics
  •     Excellent interpersonal skills
  •     Fast learner


  •     B.Sc. in EE/electro-optics from a leading university

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