Facial Analysis

Monarch II NIR facial analysis capability guarantees a higher level of security and robustness over visible spectrum inspection, authentication and 3D solutions.

Facial Analysis Advantages using NIR spectrum:

  • Clear advantages over 3D solutions: works perfect in brightest day, lighter computation requirements and lighter mechanical installation complexity
  • Image acquisition is possible under shadow and low light conditions using active NIR illumination and NIR camera. Perfect performance is also obtained under bright sunlight (no need to detect dot pattern over face)
  • Distance range: 10’s cm – meter’s
  • Better anti-Spoofing
  • Adjusting CWL to the specific wavelength of the parameter in face under inspection for instance nose forehead more noticeable in specific wavelength
  • Higher probability of imposter detection vs. RGB spectrum face recognition (PDF – Probability Density Function)

Facial Analysis Applications

Automotive - DMS - Driver Monitor System

During driving, the continuous inspection of the driver’s face for various alertness signs can produce life-saving alerts. The driver-inspection camera can analyze, and create immediate alarms for conditions of stress, fever, fatigue, sleepiness.

Since environmental lighting conditions in cabin change between different cars and time of day, a NIR inspection is much more robust and predictable than RGB inspection. Moreover, multiple wavelength continuous image capturing is essential for accurate results compared to solution based on a single wavelength.

Unispectral solutions can support a variety of DMS implementations:

  • Driver’s awake level
  • Driver’s intoxication
  • Health Monitoring
  • Identification
  • Authentication
  • Authenticate young driver drive prevention between 1800-0600

Industrial lobby / office facial authentication access control
Consumer front door lock facial authentication
Smartphone front camera facial authentication
Consumer facial payment terminal

Commercial and institutional access control

Access and gateway automatic controls are rapidly spreading to allow uninterrupted people flow in various commercial, official, corporate and government entrance and exit checkpoints. Monarch II multi-spectral IR camera improves authentication reliability and speed while reducing setup cost and complexity.

Covid19 global outbreak emphasizes the need for a reliable, fast contactless authentication system for domestic and international access control. Spectral IR camera-based systems can be rapidly installed, setup and trained, to replace touch-based access control systems.

Domestic access control:

Robust identification solutions based on the NIR affordable camera, can be quickly applied by homeowners to smart doorbell cameras. Unlike other market alternatives, this is a low cost, easy to install, setup and manage by untrained individuals.

Point of sale – Payment activation

Facial authentication is a rapidly evolving transaction enabler, that replaces traditional physical payment methods. It can also be applied to rapid ticketing, and many more

Device unlock

All devices such as computers, smartphones, terminals and even cars, are now equipped with mini HR cameras. Unlike hackable fingerprint sensors or visual light cameras, the low cost NIR camera enables a very robust facial authentication so it’s the fastest and safest way to allow device unlocking only by the authorized user.