Industry Solutions

Unispectral advanced spectral filtering technology captures the distinctive electromagnetic spectral fingerprint of any material through a photograph. The innovative technology is embedded into a small form-factor digital camera and coupled with a unique algorithm creating a wide range of new consumer and business applications to augment today’s cameras and other devices. Examples of Unispectral capabilities include:


Various smartphone applications to identify allergens in food, scan a drink for the “date rape” drug, detect pesticides on organic produce and more.


Banks can easily scan bills with bill counting machines that can determine if they are real or counterfeit.


Pharmacists can use pill scanners to determine if they are real or counterfeit. Pharmacists can also distinguish between similar pills.


Drones can be used to identify properties of crops, soil and crop protection materials.


Cars equipped with a road and pavement scanner will be able to identify if a mark on the road is water or oil in order to alert the driver.


Refrigerators equipped with sensors to aid kitchen staff in determining if food is fresh or spoiled in a timely, more cost effective manner.