Unispectral’s patented digital imaging technology augments
consumer and business devices and cameras with
innovative capabilites.

Key Applications

Pocket Spectrometry

Sense objects’ material compositions based on the non-visible wavelenghts they radiate.

Image Enhancement

Improve color accuracy and compensate for challenging light conditions.

Near Infrared (NIR)

A single sensor combines both imaging and near IR, for efficient, low-footprint Virtual Reality, hand gestures, iris readers and more.

Know What the World is Made of.
Carry a Spectrometer in Your Pocket

Imagine if mobile phones and small cameras could determine the material of
whatever they photographed

Home/ Restaurants

Refrigerators determine if food is fit for consumption
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Bill counting machines identify counterfeits
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Scan food for allergens, inspect drinks for “date rape” drug
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Cars automatically alert for road hazards
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“The ability to provide sensing elements for smarter and flexible imagery is a key capabilty relevant for multiple areas where Bosch is active. We are very excited with the opportunity to take part in this development.”
Gadi Toren, Venture Capital Investment Partner RBVC GmbH,
the venture arm of the Bosch Group
“…this disruptive sensing technology venture…has promising potential in multiple applications such as mobile, smart machines and IoT.”
- David (Dede) Goldschmidt, Managing Director and Head of Venture Investments
Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, Israel
“Unispectral’s relative advantage is in its miniaturization of sensors so that they can be installed in smartphones and marketed to the public at large.”
Idan Rabi, Globes

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